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Updated: May 13, 2020

Yay for my first blog post! Today I wanted to share some pictures from our Sunday Funday! September is approaching, but here in Texas summer temperatures are still in full effect! It's been raining the last couple weekends, so we were excited to take advantage of some fun in the sun! We have a couple community pools in our neighborhood, so we packed up and were ready to catch some rays!

I love wearing my hair in a side braid to the pool so it doesn't stick to me or get frizzy. I got this hat from Amazon for only $8.69, such a good deal! I got the cover-up from Akira a while ago... I think it was meant to be a dress, but it was a little too revealing for a night out! The sunglasses are the style Vivienne by Quay. They are part of the Shay Mitchell collection (also known as Emily from Pretty Little Liars!). I just heard they are ending the show next year after the 7th season... so sad!

Shameless selfies at the pool, lol! This swimsuit top is from Target. It's usually hard for me to find swimsuits anywhere besides Victoria Secret, but surprisingly I can pull off an XL in Target's swimwear. I love the see through detail, although it makes for interesting tan lines! The first time I wore this suit, I got a sun burn and when I was changing later I thought I had hives or something from the red polka dots on my chest! Luckily, they fade away and aren't noticeable after a few times in the sun. And it's totally worth it for a cute suit, right? :)

In Texas, it only takes an hour or so in the sun before you're dehydrated and hungry! We decided to go to Panera Bread because we love their BBQ Chicken Salad! We also tried their frozen strawberry watermelon lemonade. It was super good and refreshing on a hot day!

Hope you guys had a fun weekend! I am already counting down till Friday again!

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