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Updated: May 13, 2020

Wow two blog posts in a row, go me! :-) Today I am sharing a simple outfit that incorporates some fall neutrals.This is the first time I've busted out my black skinnies this year! Don't judge me for how many times I'll wear them from now until spring! I actually just bought a pair from Express that have a distressed knee, so maybe I can rotate them, haha!

It's finally in the 80's so that's the stamp of approval in Texas to get your PSL hot! And look we even have some leaves on the ground! I think they are just fried from the sun because they don't change into pretty colors here; but hey we can pretend!

The sleeveless trench is from Target (on clearance for $8!). It's perfect for the weather here and I'm obsessed with anything olive lately! The tank is from Express and it's their Express One Eleven brand which is super cheap! Speaking of cheap, these skinny jeans are from Old Navy and were only $25! Lastly, I got these Nine West heels from TJ Maxx, such a steal!

How pretty are these purple plants? I'm not sure what they're called, but I've only seen them here in Texas. We actually planted a couple in our front yard a few weeks ago! After seeing these it makes me want to plant about 100 more! That's all for now; hope you had a great hump day!

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