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Hey everyone! This past Saturday we packed in a lot of fun! It was our only weekend in Texas in October, so there was a lot we wanted to get done. We started off the day by checking out a wedding venue near Austin. It was so gorgeous; we think we have a winner! Then we drove out to Marble Falls for a pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farm. This was our first time and it was a neat experience!

They had a lot of cute decorations and of course pumpkins galore! We ended up buying some of the small ones for our mantel and then some to carve as well!

They called these fairy tale pumpkins! Reminded me of Cinderella :)

There were also some goats that you could feed and pet. They were really cute and friendly; they would jump on the fence & weren't scared to be touched!

I loved all the tractors, pumpkins, and fall vibes! It's hard to get in the fall spirit in Texas, but they did a good job of incorporating the essentials!

The Sweetberry Express was a kids ride that was made of upcycled barrels! Super cute and fun!

Outfit details: Striped Tshirt: Target Cardigan: Target (sold out) Scarf: Boutique (old) Jeans: Express Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Sunglasses: Quay - High Key in Gold

Sonny always knows how to make me laugh! I still giggle every time I see this picture; so goofy! We don't have kids, so we kept ourselves entertained the entire time, LOL! Our drive home had a beautiful sunset. Before we moved to Texas, we visited Austin and met with a realtor. She told us, "This might sound cheesy, but there's just nothing like a Texas sunset" I don't know why or if there is some 'scientific' reason, but she couldn't be more right! The sunsets here never disappoint!

Once we got home, we made pigs in a blanket (my family's tradition) and apple cider donuts. The pumpkin patch in Illinois that Sonny and I used to go to always had fresh apple cider donuts, and it's something we haven't found here yet. For the last 2 years, we've kept the tradition alive by making them homemade at home! Here are our carved pumpkins...

Can you guess which one is mine? :) I just can't get enough of my ring or our engagement! Below is a picture of all the pumpkins on our mantel.

And lastly, Monty had to pose with the pumpkins and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

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