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Hey everyone! Last Thursday I attended my first Blogger Mixer! This was the 8th one held in ATX (Austin, TX), but I just recently started my blog in August, so I was a newbie! The venue was Adelante Boutique in North Austin. It was my first time there, and it was so gorgeous! It was recently redesigned by Claire Zinnecker, so it was super girly with pops of white, gold, and pink (all my fav's!). It was named 'the most instagrammable store in Austin' which of course was perfect for all us bloggers!

It took me foreverrrrr to decide on an outfit for the mixer. I wanted to dress in a fall outfit, but the weather in Texas just doesn't allow for cute booties and blanket scarves right now! It is the middle of November and the high today is 82 degrees! Coming from Chicago, I'm still trying to get used to the "seasons" here.... or lack thereof!

I decided on this grey dress and peach trench both from Windsor. I've really been liking their clothes lately, and the quality is really good for the price! The shoes are Nine West, but I bought them a while back at TJ Maxx. The clutch is Louis Vuitton and comes free when you get the Neverfull MM bag. The sunglasses I'm holding are my current favorite, the High Key by Quay (limited edition collaboration with Desi Perkins).

I went to the event with my coworker and friend, Amy (pictured above). She has a Beauty Blog and you should follow her on Instagram too! She was the one who inspired me to start my blog! As soon as we walked in, we were given these adorable cups from Reyka Vodka, filled with pomegranate moscow mules! I thought the mug looked like a submarine, but it's actually a replica of the Carter-Head Still that they use to distill the vodka. They also told us that it's infiltrated through lava rocks in in Iceland, pretty neat! They were so delicious! Then, we B-lined straight to this adorable pink sofa! Um, I could definitely envision this in my dream closet with a chandelier overhead?!

Too glam to give a damn! This sign was so cute; I really need to head back to the boutique and get it! And can we take a second to admire this white and gold wall?! I think this is every blogger's dream background!

The guest speaker for the night was Chrystie Vachon (pictured above, middle). She is the founder of Living for Naptime and Naptime Nation, where she teaches women how to monetize their blogs and make a living off social media! Her life is so fascinating! She created a coupon blog back in 2005 and was approached by TLC to be on 2 episodes of Extreme Couponing. Once she sold that blog, she was able to take a year off before creating Living for Naptime. Hearing about her success was so motivating and inspiring! Also, a fun fact... her sister, Ashley, was the Bachelorette!

I also got to meet Bailey; she is a self taught makeup guru! She has her own YouTube Channel and you can follow her on Instagram as well! She was so nice and down to earth! We had fun shopping around the boutique! Here are some pictures of what you can find at Adelante Boutique:

In between networking with bloggers and shopping, we snacked on these adorable cookies from Shortbread Baking Co and wraps from Baby Greens. Both companies were kind enough to sponsor the event free of charge!

A big shout out to Jesse Coulter (pictured above, right) for hosting such a fun and successful event! Definitely check out her Blog and Instagram; she has the cutest kids and her outgoing personality is super entertaining!

Another shout out to this gorgeous wall and the cutest mule cups!

Sorry, last one! This boutique just demanded selfies!

Cheers from all of us girls at the ATX Blogger Mixer! I had such a blast and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at more events to come!

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