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Thanksgiving is over and it's officially time for Christmas spirit! I have to admit, we put our decorations up last weekend... who made the rule that you have to wait until after Thanksgiving anyways?! For some reason I found myself in the Christmas spirit super early this year, and I don't mind it! I made a few trips to update my decor for our new house. Here is a mug I found at Home Goods for only $3.99!

This year we kept the same tree, lights, and some ornaments. Most of my ornaments in the past were from the Dollar Store. You'd be amazed how many cute ornament sets they have there! We were also grateful that they were cheap plastic when we dropped about 3 of them while decorating! Our theme has always been gold and silver and I usually spiral burlap wired ribbon from the top down the sides. This year I wanted to switch it up a little, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some bigger ornaments as statement pieces and picks that were all 50% off. My absolute favorite are the mini chandeliers! This is how our tree turned out!

Another thing we've always done to our tree is use 2 types of lighting. There are normal white string lights and then bigger globe lights from Target. I think it adds some dimension! Warning: the bulbs are glass and do break! We found that out the hard way when we were moving from IL and dropped them while packing... what a mess! Anyways, I got some festive decorations for our mantel and side tables. I wanted to eventually make a homemade garland for the mantel with lights and ornaments, but I'm not sure it'll fit anymore. Maybe I could add some hooks and hang it off the front?

Tree (Left): Target Tree (Middle): Home Goods Tree (Right): Hobby Lobby Gold Reindeer: Home Goods Arched Window Mirror: ATG Stores Farmhouse Sign: Homemade

Joy sign: Target Light Up Tree: Home Goods Basket: Target

Deer: Target Lamp: Hobby Lobby Pitcher: Target Galvanized Candle Holder: Hobby Lobby (similar)

These houses were gifted to me from my Grandma and we've been putting them up for a while now! I love adding sentimental decorations that I can someday pass on to my kids or grandkids!

Below is a video we put together of us decorating. Beware: we got a little goofy!! Lol!

I hope you feel inspired to decorate your house and get in the holiday spirit! Thanks for reading!

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