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Updated: May 13, 2020

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing this casual outfit for a day when you're running errands and you have bed head AND it's chilly outside! Just me?? Haha! I used to want the puffer vests from J Crew, but never wanted to spend $110+ on them. This vest is from Old Navy and is just as cute for only $10!

I got the striped shirt from Target. I have so many of their basic shirts (both long and short sleeve) and they hold up really well! This shirt is perfect for under plain cardigans or even on it's own with a floppy hat in the spring. Love it!

The hat is from ILY Heart (only $9!) and I always get compliments on it. I think ever since Kylie Jenner started wearing suede hats, they became super popular. I love throwing on hats when my hair is a few days old and I've lost some volume on the top. All you need to do is curl a few pieces on the bottom and wah-lah!

These jeans are from Express. I used to hate Express jeans because they would always get loose and saggy on me after a few hours, so I wrote them off! Side story- Right when we moved to TX, it felt like we were permanently on vacation. The weather was amazing, there was Tex Mex EVERYWHERE, and we felt the need to try out every brunch, happy hour, and dinner in Austin. Well.... 8lbs later, I need to get my butt to the gym! I ended up losing all of the weight and more, so I needed to buy all new jeans. I decided to give Express jeans a try again, and to my surprise, they're nothing like they used to be! They stay tight all day (or week!) and fit perfectly! So now almost ALL of my jeans are Express.

The booties are from Target. There was this pair from Nordstrom that I swear every blogger and their mom had, but again I didn't want to spend the $150+ on them. One day I liked a girl's Instagram picture and it sent me the "liketoknowit" email and I thought, "Well let me just look at them again and see if it's worth it..." and to my surprise the link went to Target! Amazing dupes for a quarter of the price! I bought those puppies so fast! They kind of remind me of Cowboy boots a tiny bit, so they're perfect for TX!

The lipstick is Kat Von D's everlasting liquid lipstick in 'Underage' (again!). I swear I will switch it up more in the spring and summer! Below is my current wish list for new items! I've linked everything underneath the picture! What's on your wish list?

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you guys next time!

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