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Updated: May 13, 2020

Happy Friday!! I'm jumping the gun here, but I'm already excited for Valentine's Day!! I've been seeing so many cute looks, and maybe that's why I've gotten into the spirit early! I'm so excited to announce that you can shop my entire look on 'LikeToKnowIt' now! If you're signed up and 'like' my picture on Instagram, you will receive an email in your inbox which will link all of my outfit details! I use it all the time for other bloggers and it's so addicting! I'll also insert a "Shop the Post" bar at the end of my posts as well!

This sweatshirt from ILY Couture is SO soft and comfy! The inside feels like it's made of silk! I got it in a size Small and it's the perfect fit on me. Beware: her website is so addicting! She is a blogger (Hello Fashion Blog), and started her own clothing and accessory company. All of her stuff is adorable!

I paired it with these Kensie jeans that I got a while back in a Stitch Fix. Does anyone do that anymore? I tried it a couple times when it first came out, but I haven't heard much about it since. I couldn't find the exact pair because they're old, but I linked similar at the bottom of this post!

I finally busted out the new Louis! I love this print for spring and summer, and it's pretty much spring in Texas already! The inside is baby pink, it's so pretty! I also wore my faux Valentino pumps from Sole Society. I love how you can dress up the sweatshirt with pumps or also wear it with tennies for a more casual look!

For jewelry I only wore my Marc Jacobs watch, because I feel like the shoes have enough studs for the entire look! P.S. living in one of those mansions in the background is #goals!

Hope you enjoyed this look! Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day too? Make sure to check out ILY Couture's website for tons of other cute clothes and accessories! Have a great weekend!!

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