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Hi everyone! Today is my 2nd 'Wedding Wednesday' post, and I'm sharing how I popped the question to my bridesmaids! When I got engaged, I immediately started thinking of who would be by my side on my big day. Most of my friends live back in IL where I grew up, so I started looking at different ways to ask them. I wanted the gift to match our wedding colors/theme as well as my personality. I saw some preassembled ideas on Etsy, but I really wanted to make it my own. I decided to DIY a box that contained a personalized champagne flute that they can use at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding while we get ready. I also included a custom mini champagne bottle, a gold foil straw, and some confetti!

So let's back up and I'll tell you how I made them! First, I got some Korbel mini champagne bottles from the grocery store.

I wanted to remove the Korbel sticker, because I made custom labels and I didn't want there to be bumps or have anything showing. In order to get the sticker off, you just have to soak the bottles in warm water with dish soap for about 15-20 minutes.

After they soaked, I took a stainless steel pad to scrape the soggy sticker off. It worked really well and didn't take much time at all! Next, I worked with my friend Melissa to design the champagne label. I wanted it to be blush pink and gold (my wedding colors) and have some floral accents. This is what we came up with!

I printed them on Avery Shipping Labels and used a Fiskars Paper Trimmer (below) to evenly cut all of the labels into small squares.

Here is what the bottles looked like after I applied the custom labels!

Next, I ordered some Kraft Gable Boxes from Etsy. I love the rustic farmhouse vibe that these give and I wanted the boxes to be fairly simple. I mimicked the champagne labels, and created another label for the box (shown below).

I also ordered some custom champagne flutes from Etsy. I loved that the font and color matched my labels! I ended up ordering myself a flute, as well as my mom and my fiance's mom (not pictured). It will be so fun to toast with these at all of the wedding events!

The last step was to piece the box together. The gable box was very easy to assemble. I ordered some crinkle paper from Amazon in ivory, pink and dark brown. I also got a package of gold straws from Hobby Lobby and attached them to the champagne bottle with some twine that I had from prior crafts. All of my bridesmaids absolutely loved their 'proposal' boxes and are looking forward to celebrating our big day with champagne and their custom glasses!

I encourage others to DIY their gifts in order to make them more personable to you and the wedding. I love that it matches my theme and it makes it that much more special that they are homemade from the bride herself! Shoutout to my gorgeous bridesmaids!

Let me know if you have questions below! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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