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Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share my new at home professional teeth whitening routine with you AND offer you the chance to win your own! As you know, I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, but you're never fully dressed without your smile! I've whitened my teeth for years using various strips from the store, but coffee and wine (my 2 besties!) have started to dull my teeth more than ever. I've been looking for a professional whitening treatment, but it's just so expensive! I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to partner with me! They offer custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and professional whitening at an affordable price! The best part? No trips to the dentist! You can do it all in the comfort of your home!

Here's how it works! They will send you a package that contains everything you need and also instructions on everything you need to know. It will have 2 trays for your molds, catalyst paste, base paste and then syringes of whitening gel and desensitizing gel (mine came with 3 syringes each, but there are different packages to choose from).

Prior to making the molds you want to make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly. Then, mix the catalyst paste and base paste together and push it into the tray. Slowly bite down and hold until the mold forms. That's it! You send the trays in a prepaid envelope to Smile Brilliant so they can make your custom trays and you're officially a week away from a whiter smile!

I received my trays quickly and immediately started whitening! All you do is put a small amount of whitening gel into the tray and pop them on for about 45 minutes (or longer if you'd like). To watch a tutorial on how to whiten and what to expect with the kit you can watch a video testimonial. I love that the trays are custom and fit my teeth perfectly, so you can't even tell that I have them on! This allows me to multi task! I can pick out my outfit, shoes and accessories for the blog all while I whiten!

My teeth tend to get sensitive after whitening, so I was excited to try the desensitizing gel! You apply it into the trays the same way as the whitening gel and let it sit for about 25 minutes. The gel provides an immediate relief to any sensitivity and I haven't had any issues afterwards! Here are my before and after photos from only using 1 syringe of whitening gel (my kit came with 3)!

I love that I can whiten anywhere and it doesn't affect my normal day to day activities! With other whitening products, I would be limited to laying down and holding an LED light in my mouth trying not to drool or I would be talking with a lisp in over-sized strips, hoping they wouldn't slide off! With the trays in, I can even hold a conversation and hang out with friends or family.

The kit that I received retails for $139 and includes 3 syringes of whitening gel and 3 syringes of desensitizing gel. This amount of whitening treatment at the dentist costs an average of $650+! I'm so excited to give away 1 kit to one of you!

How to Enter the Giveaway!

For a chance to win $139 credit to Smile Brilliant to receive your own kit!

You can also receive 5% off Smile Brilliant by using the code: alexandrachristineblog5

*Please enter by clicking on the 'enter the giveaway' link.*

Good luck to everyone!!

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