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Updated: May 13, 2020

Happy Sunday!! We've been having more cold fronts (finally!) and it gets down to 60 degrees which is pretty much freezing for Texas. Our newsman tells us to bundle up the kids! Being from Chicago, it's still funny for us. This look I shot a couple weeks ago when we were still in the 80's! If you live in a warm state like me, I am sharing a fall inspired outfit that won't make you drip sweat! And if you're in a cooler state, you can totally pair this kimono with jeans too! I plan on doing that soon! :)

Kimono // Tank // Shorts // Belt // Booties // Watch (use code 'HAMMER15' to save 15%!)

Once I start wearing this outfit with jeans, I think these would be a great pick! I've been loving wearing kimonos and trenches for fall and they can transition into winter too! I ordered this trench in olive and maroon. I'm sure they'll be making an appearance on the blog soon!

I switched over my LV Neverfull from the Damier Azur to the Monogram. If you want to invest in a designer bag, I would HIGHLY recommend this one! It also comes with a matching wallet that I sometimes use as a clutch!

Gold aviators are my go-to sunglasses. I should really venture out more. Actually, I do own a lot of sunglasses but I'm never motivated to swap them out. Anyone else? Just me?

This watch was sent to me recently and I've been wearing it nonstop! Sonny has had a Daniel Wellington watch for over a year now, and even wore it on our wedding day. Now we are twinkies with our matching watches! The women's size is a bit smaller. You can save 15% by using my code 'HAMMER15' I guess I'll have to get that updated to my new last name sometime, huh? :)

The lipstick I'm wearing is this one in the shade 'Veronica' it's my favorite for this time of year and whenever I wear it I always get asked what it is! I hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for stopping by! As always, subscribe if you'd like to be updated about all future posts!

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