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Hello! My name is Alex and I'm addicted to coffee and wine!

The first step is admittance, right? Lol! But in all seriousness, I do look forward to drinking a cup of coffee each and every morning! There's just something about coffee in a cute mug that starts my day off so right! At night or on weekends, I love pairing my dinner with a glass of red wine (especially steak!). But what do both of my fav's have in common? They both stain my teeth! And at this time of year, you'll be seeing ALL the friends and ALL the family, so we don't want that! Which is why I've started whitening for the holidays with Smile Brilliant.

If you haven't seen my original post, or how I whitened for my wedding, make sure to check them out! Smile Brilliant offers custom fitted whitening trays that are molded exactly to your teeth! This makes them so comfortable and I can even talk with them in without a lisp (lol!). My favorite part is that they offer desensitizing gel, as my teeth normally get sensitive from whitening. You apply this gel in your trays after whitening and wear it for about 20 mins, and wah-lah! No more sensitivity!

The trays come in a case for storing and also makes traveling easy, which we do a lot of this time of year since we live in Texas and our family and friends are in Chicago! I also love that I can whiten in the convenience of my own home (in my PJs and slippers!) instead of going to a dentist for professional whitening, at more than triple the price!

Side note: Has anyone else seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy like me? I love the meme's that say you feel like a qualified surgeon just from watching. These syringes make me feel a little bit like Meredith Grey ;-) Anybody else? Just me??

Here are my before and after shots from using Smile Brilliant (and I must say that I thought my smile was pretty white before!). I absolutely love the results! I recently went to a blogger brunch and the girl's were all complimenting my teeth. I had to share my secret with them!

A huge shout out to Smile Brilliant for offering my followers a free $25 gift card to their site (see details below)! This brings the price to $114 for the custom whitening trays, 3 whitening gel syringes, and 3 desensitizing gel syringes! This is seriously such a steal for professional teeth whitening, which averages $650+ at the dentist office.

How to Enter the Giveaway!

For a chance to win $139 credit to Smile Brilliant to receive your own kit! Also, anyone who enters will receive a $25 gift card!

*Please enter by clicking on the 'enter the giveaway' link.*

Good luck to everyone!!

I challenge all of you to smile fearlessly this holiday season! As always thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!!

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