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YAY!! We are pregnant with our little miracle, and now the news is officially announced! It feels so good to be able to share and celebrate with all our of friends and family. I wanted to put together a few posts about the pregnancy, not only to share our experience with friends/family but also so we can look back and remember this special time!


Our doctor gave us the clear to “try” again in January (Does anyone else hate that phrase? Lol!) I was excited that the new year could be a fresh start for us after such a rough end to 2018. By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, I thought maybe I should take a test because that would be a cute time to find out we were pregnant, right? I actually had 1 leftover pregnancy test so I took it and it was negative. By this time I had a good idea of my ‘cycle’ and I knew it was very early, but I figured it was worth a shot! Oh well- extra red wine at our Valentine’s Day dinner! That Monday (2/18) I was making my grocery list for the week and I just had a feeling that I could be pregnant. I didn’t want to mention anything to Sonny in case it was a false alarm. I headed to the grocery store and figured I could just take a test there, so I bought some tests and headed to the bathroom. The 3 minute wait felt like forever! I set a timer on my phone and told myself I wouldn’t look until it was fully developed. Sure enough, after 3 minutes I saw the faintest line on the test. I was pregnant!!!


I stared at the test forever and took tons of pictures on my phone at different angles to make sure it was actually there. Immediately I thought “Omg! How am I going to tell Sonny the news?!” I decided to head to Target to buy a newborn outfit, the first time I’ve ever bought anything baby related! It made it feel so real. I had gotten the mail and Sonny got a package from Amazon. I opened it up, dumped it out and put the newborn outfit and the pregnancy test in there and sealed it back up. I got home, and he helped me unload the groceries and then I brought in the mail. My heart was pounding! Sonny went over to the pile and said, “I got something!” (Usually all of the packages are mine, lol!) He started to open the package and after he peeked inside, he had a confused look on his face. He turned to me and said, “I think this is for you?” Naturally I was freaking out inside and said, “Just open it!” so he dumped it out and the pregnancy test landed on the counter. He said, “Are you pregnant?!” and tears started falling down my face as I nodded yes. He immediately picked me up and twirled me around and we cheered and hugged and celebrated. The dogs even knew something was up! He later told me he thought the baby outfit was possibly PJs that came for me, which is funny because I forgot I do own PJ leggings in the same color and print!


My family had already planned a trip to Austin over my little brothers’ Spring Break and it turned out their flight here would be at exactly 7 weeks when I was having my first ultrasound appointment. We went to the appointment and saw our baby’s flickering heartbeat, and all was well! They printed off a few ultrasound photos for us and I started brainstorming how we could tell my parents. It was my brother’s 21st birthday recently, so I had gotten him a card, scratch offs, and some Austin shot glasses. I decided to put the ultrasound under all of the scratch offs in the card and write “Uncle Drew- I cannot wait to meet you! Love, Baby Benso” on the ultrasound. When it came time for him to open his gifts/card, he didn’t say much. Of course I was anxiously waiting for a reaction. Then he said “scratch off tickets… and a picture…?” At that moment I realized he didn’t know what an ultrasound looked like… FAIL!! Lol! I said, “What is it a picture of?” And he squinted to read my cursive handwriting… another fail! By then my suspicious Mom looked over and said, “I KNEW IT!” and we all hugged and laughed and celebrated! Sonny’s family was much different and simpler. His mom has always had a 6th sense and intuition. Only 4 days after we had gotten the positive pregnancy test, she called him and said, “So I keep seeing that Alex is pregnant, so is she?” and Sonny told her and his Dad the good news! There was definitely no surprising them!




Early in the first trimester I started to feel super tired and nauseous. I am the type of person who starts every single day with a cup of coffee, and now the thought of drinking it made me want to throw up! I went about 2-3 weeks without having any which is insane! Then it happened… Sonny leaned in for a morning kiss after taking a sip of his coffee and my stomach immediately started flipping. I ran to the bathroom and threw up! I remember thinking, “Oh no…. Is this the first of many ‘pukes’ to come in the next 3 months?” but it only ended up happening one more time. I was texting my Bestie that I was exactly 10 weeks and bragging how I was feeling much better (ha!). About 30 minutes later I was making a breakfast smoothie for me and Sonny, and as I was scooping the collagen protein (which is odorless/tasteless) I immediately started gagging and ran to the bathroom and got sick. I’m not sure what happened, but I haven’t been able to drink one of those smoothies since!


In addition to coffee (which only lasted a few weeks) the main thing that really grossed me out was onions. It started when my family was visiting Austin and we got onion rings as an appetizer, made with red onions. I went to try a bite and the second it was in my mouth I knew I needed to spit it out and run to the restroom (it’s funny when you’re nauseous during pregnancy and you go out to eat, you locate the restroom immediately after sitting down, just in case!!). Then, on our trip to California I ordered a breakfast skillet with onions and I swear they chopped an entire white onion for just my skillet. I couldn’t eat it at all and gagged most of breakfast. I believe there were a few more times I stupidly continued to order onion in my food, but I won’t bore you with the specifics! In conclusion, onions = bad!


The one thing I wanted ALL. THE. TIME. was Lipton Chicken Noodle soup… from a box. Yep, sounds super tasty, right? I think it was maybe because I was feeling sick a lot and chicken noodle soup is what you eat when you’re sick. I also ate a lot of oyster crackers with it and any time my stomach was feeling upset or empty. Later on, I wanted Mexican food and pasta a lot, but I can’t say that those weren’t two of my favorite foods prior to pregnancy either!

I think that about wraps up my first trimester! Of course I also felt stretching, cramping and got bigger boobs, but nobody wants to hear the details on any of that! We are so over the top excited to meet our little munchkin and are always praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! Thanks for following along on our journey to October!!


Just a few of the many pregnancy tests I took! As you produce more of the pregnancy hormone, the test line gets darker and darker. It became more real that my tiny poppy seed was growing!

A side by side of me and Sonny as kids. It is crazy to see how different our features are! My eyes are small and squinty, whereas his are so wide and big! Our noses are different as well, and Sonny has really big full lips! It will be so fun to see the combination of both our traits in our baby!

Finally bumpin'! I took this photo on my birthday at the spa before my facial. It was before the news was made public :)

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