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It's finally packed! I started my hospital bag a couple weeks ago & then it sat in the corner of my room staring at me waiting to be finished! It was hard to make the final decisions on going home outfits & what exactly we'll need vs what the hospital will supply for us. Luckily, our hospital said they have literally everything me & baby will need & not to bring anything such as mesh panties, pain relief spray, nipple cream, diapers, wipes, etc. Keep that in mind when looking through my list. I was determined to bring just 1 bag & to not over-pack! I fit everything into my favorite carry on suitcase, so it can easily be rolled in & out of the hospital. Also, we will have our car seat installed for him in our car!

Outfit: Hat | Cardigan | Jeans (I'm wearing the lighter wash) | Flats | Necklaces | Suitcase

For Mom:

  • Gownie: This is basically the cuter version of a hospital gown. I didn't originally plan on being this 'extra' but my close girl friend just delivered her baby boy 2 weeks ago & she said it's a must! The material is more comfortable & it buttons in the back, whereas the typical gown the hospital gives you is just open. But the thing that sold me is that the hospital gowns are used. Yes they are sanitized, but there's a lot of liquids, gunk, insides & God knows what else coming out & the thought of wearing someone else's was worth the $30 to me! P.S. I plan on leaving this at the hospital!

  • Nightgowns: I got 2 nightgowns to wear which will allow the nurses easy access to "check me" & also the buttons are convenient for breastfeeding. I got this gown from the NSale & this gown from Target. Both are super soft and cozy!

  • Pajama Set: I'm not sure if I'll need more PJs, but this set is super comfortable & has shorts in case I feel like being more 'covered up'

  • Hospital Socks: For cold feet & grips so you don't slip!

  • Belly Bandit: I'm not sure if I will be ready to wear this in the hospital, but I had room so I'm bringing it just in case. This helps hold your stomach in and contract your uterus back to it's original size!

  • Nursing Bra

  • Nursing Tank

  • Undies: I might just be wearing mesh panties, but I know I'll need these 'Granny panties' at some point! I like the colors & price of this pack!

  • Robe

  • Fan: This is actually to clip on Baby's stroller, but I've heard it's useful during labor as well!

  • Chargers: 10ft charger for iPhone & also the charger for the Fan (listed above) & Baby's Noise Machine (listed below). I am precharging both of these, but just in case!

  • Flip Flops: I am bringing a cheap pair from Old Navy to wear in the shower. I will probably leave them at the hospital!

  • Slippers: I've had this pair for 2 years now & plan to just leave them at the hospital

  • Pillow: To make the hospital seem a little bit more like home

  • Makeup

  • Chapstick: I keep hearing this is a must! I guess hospitals are very dry!

  • Toiletries: brush, deodorant, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo, Q tips, hairspray, makeup wipes, body wash) - I don't plan on washing my hair in the hospital

  • Going home outfit: Keeping it cozy! Joggers, Nursing Tank (listed above) and my Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

  • Prenatal vitamins/Medicine (I take a pill for hypothyroid)

  • Bath Towel: I heard the towels at hospitals can be small and scratchy. I had extra room, so I figured this little piece of home will be nice!

For Baby:

For Dad:

  • Pillow

  • Blanket

  • Snacks

  • Comfortable Clothes

  • Toothbrush

  • Yeti: For both of us to enjoy ice cold water :)

That wraps up our hospital bag! Let me know what you think and if there's something I forgot that was a lifesaver for you! As always thanks for stopping by and following along!

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