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Updated: May 13, 2020

Good morning! I decided to start a mini wedding series on my blog, since I'm in the thick of wedding planning! A couple weeks ago, I teamed up with Minted to create my Save the Dates! I've always seen gorgeous Save the Dates on Pinterest, and whenever I've clicked on them, they always lead to Minted! If you haven't checked them out yet, you definitely should! They not only offer all Wedding stationary such as save the dates, invitations, bridal shower, bachelorette, table numbers, programs, menus, etc, but they also have tons of other custom stationary for baby showers, graduations, holiday cards, home decor and more!

The first photo we received back from our engagement session absolutely took our breath away. Our photographer, Amy, did such an amazing job! It was the last photo that she took to wrap up the session! Sonny was dipping me along the Austin skyline, and sealed it with a kiss! The wind seemed to kick up my dress at the perfect moment as the sun set.

We knew right away that this photo would be our Save the Date; it was just too perfect! I also knew that I wanted it to be a magnet. I liked the idea of our family and friends putting it on their fridge instead of throwing it in a drawer or pile, never to be found again. Minted has over 1,600 Save the Date designs, so knowing what I wanted helped narrow down the options and make it less intimidating. I clicked on 'Magnets' and filtered by 'One Photo' which was 'Landscape' orientation (pictured below). This narrowed my options down to 193 designs (much more manageable!).

After I did this, I noticed there was a "Find it Fast" option (pictured on the bottom left in the above image). By selecting this, I was able to upload the photo I wanted to use, and it automatically inserted it into each design. Now I could see how the text would look on the photo for each design!

As you can see, there are some designs that wouldn't work for our photo, since the text would be covering our faces or body. I didn't want to do too much work trying to manually move the text around and resizing it. I was looking for a design that had cursive text on the top of the photo, above the skyline. The design I ended up choosing was called "Boho Love", which originally looked like this:

After you select your design, you are able to customize it. I decided to move the "Save the Date" text to the top of the photo, and make the bottom text into 1 row, instead of 2. Here is the proof of my design.

I was really loving the design, but thought that the white text might be too harsh against all of the pink/blush tones in the photo. I decided to enter in a "Special Request" before sending it to Minted's design team. I asked for them to switch all of the font to blush (which is also our wedding color!). I also asked them to make sure all of the text was centered. Within an hour, I already received the first proof back from the design team! Here is what I got:

I loved it! It was perfect, and just how I imagined it! I quickly accepted the proof so they could start printing! I paid extra for the quickest shipping, because I was so anxious to receive them and get them out to our friends and family. I placed the order on March 22nd, and it was estimated that they would arrive on March 28th. I ended up receiving them on March 24th! Amazing customer service!

One last thing I wanted to mention, is that included with my Save the Dates were envelopes with printed addresses FOR FREE! All I had to do was upload my addresses onto their website, and they printed them all for me! Such a time saver! You also have the option to print the return address and get custom stamps as well! I am definitely going to do that for my Invitations! There are lots of envelope designs to choose from, but I kept mine simple (below is an example of my design with a fake person/address from Minted's website).

I thought the cursive tied in with the cursive on the Save the Date magnet. All I had to do once I received my package, was stuff the magnets into the envelope and put a stamp on them! It was so easy and convenient! And now I have all the addresses saved on my account for when I create my Invitations as well! A big thank you to Minted for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this post! I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and I plan on using them for my Invitations as well as the rest of my stationary for my wedding! I am already eyeing gold foiled table cards and custom programs and menus!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you next time!

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