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Updated: May 13, 2020

Good morning! I didn't think I would have any more Wedding Wednesday posts since I got married in September, but my close friend Megan is tying the knot in May and we were lucky enough to try out Basic Invite for her Rehearsal Dinner invites!

Megan's wedding colors are rose gold, sage and blush but she wanted to switch up the theme for her Rehearsal Dinner invite. The venue is a water front restaurant in Lake Geneva, so she opted for a more 'nautical' theme! There are so many color options on Basic Invite, and they all show you an immediate preview so you can see exactly how it'll turn out!

Not only do you see an instant preview of your stationery, but they also give you the option to receive a free sample of it in the mail! When you're spending thousands on wedding stationery, you really want to make sure it looks just right & I thought this was an awesome feature!

They also let you customize down to the tiniest detail, including 40+ envelope colors! Megan chose a teal color for the inside of her envelope, and I thought it was so neat because I didn't have that option for my wedding!

Free guest address printing and return printing is HUGE! If you are planning a wedding, please do NOT try to address them yourself! This will save you so much time, and with Basic Invite it's FREE! You'll spend enough time as it is stuffing the envelopes, sealing them & putting on a stamp. Don't make addressing add to your stress (you already have enough of that!).

Megan chose to go with a silver flat foil for her invite, but I thought it was very interesting that they offer raised foil as well. I had never heard of that before! I think guests would really be wow'ed to see 3-D foil and it would add a unique touch to your stationery compared to others!

Basic Invite also offers free wedding websites that will match your theme and is mobile friendly!

The last thing I wanted to touch on are their keepsake guest book albums. I ended up making my wedding guest book through Shutterly, and it was pretty boring. I wish I had known about Basic Invite's amazing designs! They could honestly be used for coffee table decoration, they are that beautiful!

Not only is Basic Invite a good choice for wedding stationery, but they also offer announcements, invitations, baby, events, business, printables and more! I highly recommend that you check them out for your next special event!

*Currently there is a promotion for 15% off your order using code 15FF51*

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